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Shifting [Dec. 13th, 2012|04:10 am]
I thought this time would come at some point. I had been avoiding it for a long while, because the thought of having one comprehensive blog has always seemed attractive to me - football rubbing shoulders with life, and travel posts immediately before and after poetry. But somehow, the written word has always seemed different, out of place - literature and poetry are like another world for me, and they, I think, deserve their own space. 

Henceforth, I shall be writing about literature and poetry at http://anenduringromantic.wordpress.com. I suppose I shall migrate some of my more recent posts, slowly enough. 

The title of the new blog is an affirmation of faith. I affirm that notwithstanding all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and notwithstanding the thousand contummations that the heart is heir to, Milan Kundera, for all his eloquence, has not and will not convert me; that post-Freud-ism, post-Lacan-ism, and all similar post-isms that seek to take the magic out of a smile and the enchantment out of a Highwayman's moon can take the proverbial rod, and stick it up their collective you-know-whats; that a line of Lermontov will always speak to me at a far deeper level than all the corpus of Larkin; that Keats puts his finger on the pulse of the universe when he says: that "Beauty is truth; truth beauty - that is all; Ye know on earth and all ye need to know"; and because the two cowslips I saw today, growing side-by-side against all odds, high upon the hills of Dover, in the frozen heart of December, in the midst of barren rock and snow, tell me that, like their fragile, short and beautiful life, our hearts are meant to endure.

As for piper-of-dawn - it too will remain, because it has been with me for almost seven years, seven unforgettable years of all kinds of creation and carnage, and I will never try to erase the past by deleting it, even though I wish I had never written some of the stuff on here (what was I thinking?!). It will remain the best place to write about travel, and other random thoughts on life, which I have from time to time.